The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Montgomery County Council. For more information, call 217-7900.

OVERTIME COSTS -- The council transferred $1.7 million in unspent county funds among various county departments and agencies to cover cost overruns in some agencies, particularly for unbudgeted police department overtime, compensation and retirement benefits.

A total of about $674,000 was transferred to the Police Department. Police Chief Donald Brooks said the department ran $340,140 over the $3.9 million budgeted for overtime largely because of extra hours incurred by officers making drug arrests and court appearances related to those arrests.

This latest addition to overtime costs follows a council vote in June approving an additional $117,000 in funds for police overtime.

Last year, police spent $5.1 million for overtime, roughly 13 percent above the $4.5 million that was budgeted.

SOUND BARRIERS TAX -- The council introduced a bill that would add a special fee onto the tax bills of property owners in the Cabin John area to pay for noise barriers along the Beltway, which the state highway department has proposed to widen.

Passing along the cost to homeowners is unprecedented, according to county officials. But county transportation officials said that residents of the Carderock Springs, Burning Tree and Arrowood subdivisions have agreed to assume the cost of installing the noise barriers near their neighborhoods. There are about 60 homes in these neighborhoods, and the estimated $600,000 cost of the noise barriers would be assessed in a special add-on to the property tax over a 20-year period.

Although no per-household figures for the supplementary tax were presented to the council, a sample was prepared based on 1988 property taxes. In that year, the owners of a house assessed at $96,560 paid $2,989 in property taxes. If the new sound barrier tax had been in effect, each home owner would have paid an additional $1,305.