I want to respond to the article concerning tax increases proposed by the Maryland Commission on State Taxes and Tax Structure {front page, Nov. 18}. At the same time, I want to respond to the fiscal mess in Prince George's County, of which I am a resident.

In the last election, I did not vote for Gov. William Donald Schaefer or Prince George's County Executive Parris Glendening, because I was already aware of the budget deficit in Maryland and Prince George's. When Gov. Schaefer and Mr. Glendening were first elected, the state and county were in good fiscal shape with budget surpluses.

The lousy, carefree, arrogant, independent attitude and fiscal policy of these men put the state and county into a crisis. At the same time we had a projected surplus, the voters were being hit with tax increases through the 1986 tax reform.

I would definitely support a revolt and recall by the taxpayers of Gov. Schaefer and Mr. Glendening. I hope as well that the voters keep these two in mind in the next election, for I am sure they have other goals for elected office. We will be paying for years for the actions of these two individuals. I believe Maryland deserves a lot better. I hope as well that the voters keep in mind those legislators who support any part of the commission's recommendations on tax increases. We need to get rid of the fiscal bloat and the continual spending. What happens to revenues realized from the Maryland Lottery? Certainly these resources are being used without concern for or input from the taxpayers.

Gov. Schaefer is quoted in the article as saying he did not detect an anti-tax mood in Maryland voters. Does he live in the real world? What does he think happened in Montgomery County?

Prior to his election, Mr. Glendening said he was going to hire 1,000 or more additional police officers. We already have a police department that is riddled with controversy, unresponsive to residents' calls for help and tainted by its over-aggressive and abusive attitude. Mr. Glendening wants to make it bigger. In other words, he would solve the problem by throwing more taxpayers' dollars at it.

Any elected official running for reelection and supporting either Gov. Schaefer or Mr. Glendening, even as dogcatcher, does not get my or my wife's vote. ROY J. WONDERS Clinton