Excerpts from Howard County Executive Charles I. Ecker's inaugural speech:

As you know, we are faced with many challenges. There are a number of tasks we need to do:

Implement the General Plan.

Develop an Adequate Public Facilities Act.

Began and complete comprehensive rezoning.

Develop an economic development plan.

Develop a comprehensive transportation plan.

Provide a waste management program.

Provide affordable housing.

And the biggest challenge is that we must do all of this while dealing with a projected deficit and reduced revenues.

It will not be easy. There are no easy solutions. Some of the public wants more and more services, yet they want the taxes cut. We all know this is impossible.

Yes, these are interesting times. Some say we have problems facing us. I do not refer to them as problems, but rather opportunities. This is an opportunity to show what you and I can do. It is an opportunity to lead this county out of the conditions we find to a stable, predictable future.

Our administration's mission is to work together to meet the needs of our citizens by creating an environment of participation and excellence, in order to have a county that is fiscally prudent, environmentally sensitive and economically sound . . . .

The hallmark of our administration will be "excellence in government." That means we will have an open government, a responsive government, a friendly government and a lean government. That does not mean you will always get what you want. There is no way we can please everyone all the time, or maybe even please some people some of the time.