Washington Metropolitan Council of Government's plan to extract tolls from users of the American Legion and Woodrow Wilson bridges should be shelved. As reported in The Post {Metro, Nov. 29}, this master plan is shortsighted and creates more problems than it solves.

Tolls cause public safety hazards, traffic delays, increased fuel consumption and air/noise pollution. Beltway tolls would create more economic reasons not to cross the Potomac and would burden secondary roads with toll avoiders.

Beltway users have paid heavily for these bridges through taxes, social dislocation and so on. These bridges already have cost too much.

The American Legion Bridge area has been under perpetual reconstruction since 1985. People of Maryland and Virginia have been effectively isolated from each other, because it has been too difficult to maneuver around changing traffic patterns, tight lanes, construction barriers, traffic delays and trucks at your back, side and front.

During this prolonged construction program we have witnessed horrific automobile accidents, loss of life and economic dislocation. Now the council proposes to make the situation worse by advocating tolls.

Up to now, Beltway users have been patient, compliant and generally good sports about the bungling of the bridges. But these plans go too far. GLENN WILLIAMS McLean