Alfred P. Van Huyck has announced he will run for chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in November 1991.

In a statement last week, Van Huyck, 58, who said he is restoring an old house between Round Hill and Hillsboro, said he considers himself an independent candidate but will keep his options open to run as an independent or seek the Democratic nomination next year.

No other candidate has formally entered the race for a four-year term as chairman. Next fall's election will produce the first chairman elected by the voters countywide, as a result of a successful referendum on the issue last month. Currently, the eight district supervisors choose a chairman annually from among their ranks.

Stating that there is "a community of interest between the eastern and western areas of the county," Van Huyck offered few specific budget plans but said the county government should demand greater "housing market justification" before approving major residential zoning changes.

Van Huyck said he had owned property in Loudoun since 1969 but just recently moved to the county after retiring from a consulting business that he formed. He said he holds a master's degree in regional planning from the University of North Carolina.