I feel that there should be a mighty cheer and a deep sigh of relief from the entire community now that Brian Tribble is finally getting put where he belongs: in jail.

Judging from the Metro article on Nov. 23, Mr. Tribble seems to be blessed with a huge ego and a amazing amount of stupidity. Why didn't Mr. Tribble go straight after nearly loosing his freedom and watching his friend, University of Maryland basketball star Len Bias, die of a drug overdose? You would think something like this would shock a person to his very soul.

But Mr. Tribble was obviously overcome with the three major traits that affect drug dealers: a sense of invincibility, stupidity and greed. These three things led to his downfall. To Mr. Tribble, people overdosing on drugs are expendable, easily replaced, just a part of doing business.

As a African American, I am appalled at those who think Mr. Tribble was a victim of a white conspiracy. Brian Tribble's downfall was caused by one person, Brian Tribble. When is the black community going to wake up and realize that these people are not its friends. They're criminals, people who would kill you if you stood in their way of making a buck.

It's a shame that never occurred to Len Bias. Brian Tribble is an adult who knew exactly what he was doing and is getting exactly what he deserves. We are better off with out him.