Annapolis resident and songwriter Bill Pettaway is one of the few people still willing to give Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan of the European pop duo Milli Vanilli a second chance at singing. And why not, they have earned him thousands of dollars so far.

Pettaway wrote the hit single "Girl You Know It's True," which won the Grammy award that the two German-based singers later returned, after admitting theirs were not the voices heard on the album or in concerts.

"These are the '90s. A lot of singers don't sing, especially in Europe," Pettaway said.

Pettaway, 29, who works pumping gas at the Forest Drive Amoco station near his home, said what angers him more than Milli Vanilli's charade are the radio disc jockeys and people who said they would no longer buy or play the duo's albums.

"To them I want to say, fine, don't buy or play Milli Vanilli {but} play and buy 'Girl You Know It's True,' " Pettaway said. "That song and I are 100 percent real."

Pettaway said that when the song first hit the charts and climbed to No. 1, he got calls from music associates in Switzerland and Belgium saying the pop duo had not really performed the song on the recording.

Now, Pettaway has written a new song titled "True Love, Too Late," slated for release next month. Milli Vanilli producer Frank Farian has not told him who's singing the new song.

Even with another possible hit on his hands, Pettaway said he still has no intention of leaving Annapolis.

"I just want to continue writing songs and playing music in my basement," he said.