The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Montgomery County Council. For more information, call 217-7900.

PROPERTY TAX CAP -- The council capped annual increases in taxable property assessments at 10 percent. The council's action, approved 8 to 1, provides that even if a homeowner's property assessment increases more than 10 percent, taxes will not be owed on any valuation above the 10 percent limit.

The legislation follows action by the 1990 General Assembly, which authorized counties to enact a cap of up to 10 percent.

Council member Nancy Dacek (R-Western Montgomery) voted against the bill, arguing for a 7 percent cap.

COUNTY APPOINTMENTS -- The council approved three appointments made by Montgomery County Executive Neal Potter. The three high-level administrative posts are held at the pleasure of the county executive.

Jon A. Gerson, executive director of the Gaithersburg-Upper Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, was confirmed as head of the county Office of Economic Development, effective Jan. 15. Gerson, 33, will earn $65,000 a year in the post. He replaces Dyan L. Brasington, who held the position since 1987.

Former State Sen. Edward J. Kasemeyer was confirmed as the county's chief lobbyist in Annapolis, replacing Thomas Stone. Elected to the State Senate in 1987, Kasemeyer lost a reelection bid last month. He will earn $70,000 as a lobbyist.

Joyce Stern, Maryland assistant attorney general, was confirmed as the replacement for County Attorney Clyde "Rocky" Sorrell. Stern, who was an assistant county attorney before going to the Attorney General's Office, will be paid $80,000.