High school principals throughout the state will vote next week on a proposal to drop the "independent team rule" that prohibits high school athletes from competing on both a private team and school team in the same sport and season.

Under the proposal, the high school's schedule would take priority over the private team's schedule should a scheduling conflict occur.

The current rule says all athletes can participate on only one team during the high school season. The rule forced soccer players, who may receive more exposure from college coaches and scouts when playing with a private club, to choose between the private team and their school team.

Parents of soccer players lost an earlier battle when a proposal to exempt soccer players from the rule was voted down last month by a majority of state high school principals, who said it would allow too much pressure and activity for the young athletes.

Next week's vote is to eliminate the rule for all sports. Virginia superintendents voted this month to ask principals to reconsider before a bill in the Virginia legislature to kill the rule is considered in the 1991 session, said Del. James H. Dillard II (R-Fairfax). The bill to eliminate the rule was carried over from the 1990 session to give the principals time to act on the measure first, Dillard said.

The results of the voting will not be known until early January.