Prince William County

The following were among actions the Dec. 5 meeting of the Prince William County School Board. For more information call 791-8720.

BOUNDARY CHANGES -- The School Board approved changes to school attendance boundaries to accommodate the opening of a new elementary school, a middle school and a high school next school year. The changes will affect 12 schools and about 3,000 elementary through high school students throughout the county.

A new elementary school is opening on Tallowwood Drive to relieve overcrowding at Henderson Elementary School. The new school will take about 462 student from Henderson, reducing its enrollment to about 422. Some students from John F. Pattie Elementary also will be transferred to the new elementary school.

Dale City is getting a new middle school, which will take about 400 students each from Woodbridge and Saunders middle schools. As a result of those transfers, some students also will be transferred from Lake Ridge Middle to Woodbridge Middle and from Graham Park Middle and Parkside Middle to Saunders.

The new high school on Spriggs Road, which may open with ninth through 11th grades, will take about 1,200 students from Osbourn and Potomac high schools.

Bowing to requests from parents and students, the board agreed at the meeting to add an 11th grade to the new high school in eastern Prince William County, if enough students now in 10th grade at Osbourn Park High School want to attend the new school. The board's original plan would have avoided the transfer of 11th and 12th graders in their last years in high school and would have phased in those grades at the new school over the next two years.

The original proposal met opposition at two recent public hearings on the boundary changes from Osbourn Park parents and students, who are currently being bused from the eastern end of the county to the school near Manassas. They complained that many students who will be in the 11th grade next school year would rather go to the new school than continue the long bus ride to Osbourn Park.

The board agreed to add the 11th grade if at least 150 current sophomores want to transfer to the new school next year.

In a separate action, the board voted to permit students now attending Featherstone and Rippon Elementary schools to choose which of the two elementary schools they want to attend next school year.

The board's decision may resolve a legal dispute with about 40 parents who opposed the board's adjustment to the schools' attendance boundaries last year. The change resulted in the transfer this school year of some Featherstone students, whose school was within walking distance of their homes, to Rippon, where they are now being bused. The parents are expected to drop the suit.

ADMINISTRATOR RESIGNS -- The board accepted the resignation of Associate Superintendent John C. Randall following an investigation by county school officials into whether he was involved in falsifying teacher evaluations while working in Fairfax County two years ago.

Randall began the position with Prince William County schools last summer, at an annual salary of $71,845.

"I cannot in fairness ... continue in my role and meet the high expectations set forth by the superintendent and staff," Randall said in his resignation statement.

Three teachers at Fairfax's JEB Stuart High School alleged that in 1988 their signatures were forged on evaluations, in which their performance rating was lowered. Randall was Stuart's principal at the time.

According to Superintendent of Schools Edward L. Kelly, Prince William hired a handwriting specialist, who determined that Randall's signature appeared on the altered teacher evaluation forms.

Randall's position will remain open for the remainder of the school year while the board seeks a replacement.