The father of convicted drug ring leader Rayful Edmond III has been charged with two counts of possession with intent to distribute crack and cocaine powder.

Rayful Edmond Jr. was arrested Thursday night at the Oakwood Apartments in the 800 block of Fourth Street SW after he allegedly sold an undercover officer a kilogram of crack and another kilogram of cocaine powder.

U.S. Attorney Jay B. Stephens said yesterday that the elder Edmond's arrest was part of an "ongoing investigation," but he emphasized that it was a separate case from the multi-count indictment that resulted in last year's conviction of Rayful Edmond III.

The younger Edmond, now serving a life sentence, was accused by federal prosecutors of running the District's largest cocaine distribution ring, one responsible for putting a ton of cocaine every year on the streets of Washington.

Testimony at the younger Edmond's trial in the fall of 1989 featured witnesses who said that drug dealing was a "family business" operated by several members of the Edmond family.

If convicted, Rayful Edmond Jr. would face a mandatory sentence of at least five years in prison without parole, and could be sentenced to life in prison.