The eight judges in the Richmond circuit are leading Virginia in the number of jury trials per judge, according to a survey by the Virginia Supreme Court.

The circuit's average of 67 jury trials per judge was nearly double the statewide average of 34.

Richmond Circuit Court Judge Thomas N. Nance said the statistics call for a renewal of his efforts to get another judgeship for the city. But considering the state's budget pinch, "we're unlikely to get one," he said.

The annual survey said the 6,193 criminal cases commenced in Richmond were the third-highest of the 31 state judicial districts, behind the Norfolk and Fairfax circuits. But more of the criminal defendants in Richmond chose jury trials than defendants in Fairfax or Norfolk, according to the survey.

The Virginia Supreme Court statistics also show the Richmond circuit was one of the state's fastest.

More than 75 percent of the past year's civil cases were settled within a year of filing, and 90 percent of the criminal cases were resolved within five months, the survey said. Statewide averages show that less than 63 percent of civil cases and 77 percent of criminal cases are finished in that time frame.