ANNAPOLIS -- When Dick Sossi unveiled T-shirts bearing an unfavorable caricature of Gov. William Donald Schaefer earlier this month, he noted that the governor has a tendency to remember people who don't agree with him.

Sossi said the point was made when toy soldiers that he had contributed to a holiday display in the State House were returned to him three days after he started selling the T-shirt in his store.

"How better to disprove a T-shirt that says you're petty and vindictive than to be petty and vindictive?" said Sossi, the proprietor of the Ship and Soldier Shop in Annapolis.

Paul E. Schurick, a spokesman for the governor, said the timing of the return of the toy display was coincidental.

"I can honestly say the soldiers were no longer needed," Schurick said. "The display had changed. It's too bad some people have to have their fun this way."

The aide who returned the soldiers told Sossi that the display's run had ended. However, Sossi said, toy trains that were part of the exhibit remained on display.

Toy soldiers owned by other collectors had taken the place of Sossi's soldiers.

Sossi, who is chairman of the Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee, unveiled the T-shirts at the state GOP convention in Annapolis in early December.

The T-shirt displays a caricature of Schaefer, with a crown that says "59.6," Schaefer's percentage of the vote in the Nov. 6 election.

Below the picture is the warning: "As for the rest of you, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE."

Sossi said the T-shirts were made as a humorous fund-raiser. More than 100 have been sold, some to Democrats and friends of the governor, he said.

He has them on sale in his shop for $10.