In a Nov. 29 letter to The Weekly, independent candidate Sidney Altman complained about media coverage of the 8th District congressional race.

As a candidate in the Democratic primary for the seventh time since 1976 and using my own money (which automatically bars me from access to the media), I found out that only candidates with cash to pay for advertising get access to media coverage.

Consider these pronouncements and actions by the Democratic Party, which virtually endorsed Rep. Constance A. Morella (R):

One week before the deadline for filing, the party's central committee leader proclaimed, "We are trying to find a viable candidate to run against Ms. Morella.''

James Walker, Tom Incarnato and myself had already filed to run. The Post gave its usual extensive coverage to candidates without money by printing six lines on July 3 {Metro}. In my seven campaigns, The Post has generously given me 20 lines or 2.5 inches.

The Democratic Party did not schedule a single debate, and only the Bethesda Breakfast Club had a forum for the candidates -- three days before the election.

I appealed to Ron Brown of the Democratic National Committee and Nate Landow of the state Democratic Party to help us. The Berlin Wall would still be up had these Democratic leaders been in charge of the proceedings.

As for my union brethren, they have never invited me to an endorsement hearing even though I usually was the only one strictly against right-to-work laws and repeal of Taft-Hartley.

There is no one of any semblance of leadership or power at the federal, state and local levels who has not received my congressional testimony on tax reforms. No one has ever granted me a forum or has the guts to debate me.

These are a few of the facts that show why Democratic politicians are deserting to the Republican side, why the Solid South has gone Republican, why the unions have lost almost half their members, why our economy is in a shambles, why we sacrificed our military in two great wars and are now the only country willing to stop Iraq's Saddam Hussein. GEORGE W. BENNS Silver Spring