Round Hill

The following were among actions taken at the Dec. 20 meeting of the Round Hill Town Council. For more information, call 338-7878.

BED & BREAKFAST INN APPROVED -- In a 5 to 0 vote, the Town Council granted a special use permit to Steven and Delinda Hanley to operate an inn in their home on Route 719 North. The Hanley establishment will be the second bed and breakfast inn in Round Hill. An existing bed and breakfast, called Round Hill Hall, is located on Route 7.

Bed and breakfast inns are permitted in residential areas of town with approval of the Town Council. The town code allows no more than three rental bedrooms in an inn, and limits the number of guests in each bedroom to two.

SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS APPROVED -- The council, in a 5 to 0 vote, approved a new subdivision ordinance to replace guidelines established in 1974. The new document, which is over 100-pages long, regulates all subdivisions of land by any landowner, commercial or private, within town limits.

CABLE TV RATE INCREASE -- The council placed on the Jan. 3 agenda a request by Mid-Atlantic Cable to raise cable television rates for in-town subscribers to match rates for out-of-town residents. Presently, in-town cable subscribers pay $14.95 for basic full-service cable. Out-of-town subscribers pay $20.90 for the same service. The cable company raised rates for all subscribers in November. However, under the cable TV contract with the town, the council must approve all rate increases.