Thousands of government workers would be able to take early retirement during a special 60-day window this year under legislation that Sen. William V. Roth Jr. (R-Del.) plans to introduce soon. On the House side of the Capitol, Rep. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) also plans to reintroduce her early-out bill, which would offer a 10 percent pension sweetener to Defense civilians who take early retirement.

Roth's early-out plan been around for several years. It has been blocked by congressional Democrats at the request of some federal unions, which say it would be used to shrink government so that private contractors could take over more federal functions. The unions also would lose a lot of members if an early-out policy is offered.

Roth would bar federal agencies -- except the U.S. Postal Service -- from replacing for five years workers who take early retirement. But it gives the president authority to allow agencies to replace retirees and to deny early retirement to workers in hard-to-fill jobs.

Under Roth's plan, employees could, during a special 60-day period, retire at any age with 25 years service; at age 50 with 20 years service; at 55 with 15 years or at age 57 with at least five years of federal service.

Boxer's Defense-only bill would let anyone (including people already eligible to retire) add an extra five years to their age or service time if they would retire immediately. Each extra year of federal service time would increase their pension about 2 percent.

Under present rules, federal workers cannot retire on immediate pensions until they are age 55 with 30 years; 60 with 20 years or 62 with 5 years.

The Roth and Boxer bills are long shots. But they could come alive if Congress and the White House decide to cut costs by trimming employment. Defense was doing just that last year before the Kuwait invasion. Once the Persian Gulf situation is settled, Defense almost certainly will resume its cutback plans.1991 Pay Tables

Lots of people have called asking for the dates the 1991 white-collar pay table was published. The complete pay table ran here Dec. 21. The special rate clerical pay table ran last Friday.1991 Leave Chart

Space permitting, we will run the 1991 Federal Employees Annual Leave Chart in this space tomorrow. Please clip and save it. Reprints will not be available from The Washington Post.Job Sharing

Current and former federal workers looking for shared part-time job situations can get information and applications by calling the Office of Personnel Management 202-606-2700. The pilot project is supposed to help people interested in job-sharing team up and let federal agencies know who is interested in and available for those jobs.New NARFE Team

Harold Price has taken over as president of the half-million-member National Association of Retired Federal Employees. Other new officers are Vice President Al James Golato of Maryland, Secretary Nola Finch Aguilar and Treasurer Benny L. Parker.