People hailing a taxicab in the District are now paying from 55 cents to $1.55 more because of fare increases that took effect yesterday.

The minimum cost for a cab ride from one zone to another is now $3.50, up from $2.90. That higher price includes an increase in the basic fare and the doubling of a fuel surcharge.

Passengers pay an additional $1.50 for cabs that are dispatched, an increase of 50 cents over the previous charge. A person taking a radio-dispatched ride through three zones from far Northwest or far Southeast into downtown Washington now may be charged $7.20, up from $5.75.

The fare increases were approved by the District Taxicab Commission in early December and went into effect on schedule despite a last-minute snag that required emergency action Tuesday by the commission's panel on rates and rules.

Alan S. Winter, administrator of the D.C. Office of Documents, refused to publish the final cab fare regulations on the grounds that they were different from the proposed rules.

The difference, Winter said yesterday, was that the proposed regulations provided for a basic fare increase, but not for an increase in the fuel surcharge or the dispatch service charge.

Commission General Counsel George W. Crawford argued that all of the increases were discussed at a Nov. 7 public hearing on the basic fare increase.

He said the final regulations, containing the basic increase and the higher charges for fuel and radio dispatch, had been approved by the corporation counsel.

Winter wouldn't budge; he published the revised notice containing only the basic fare increase on Friday in the D.C. Register.

The commission's panel approved the higher fuel and dispatch charges as an emergency action Tuesday so that the full increase would take effect yesterday.