The following is a sampling of some of the words and phrases used by the General Assembly.

Blue Back The original copy of a bill. House bills are printed on blue paper and Senate bills are printed on white paper.

Calendar Day The 24-hour day as denoted on the calendar.

Snake A bill or provision that has a hidden purpose.

Drop Into the Hopper When a member files a bill with the chief clerk of the House or the secretary of the Senate for introduction.

The Shore The Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The City Baltimore.

Crabtown Annapolis.

Guarantee Date A bill introduced by this date is guaranteed a committee hearing in the chamber of origin.

L.R. An identifying number the Department of Legislative Reference gives to a bill request until the bill is introduced and assigned a bill number. A bill becomes public only when assigned a bill number.

Special Order Floor action on a bill postponed until a definite date or time.

Suspend the Rules To set aside the rules temporarily, by a two-thirds vote, to allow a certain action.

The Green Bag Gubernatorial appointments that require the advice and consent of the Senate and are submitted by the 40th day of the session.

The Interim The nine months between sessions.

Golden Rod A committee report printed on gold paper indicating the next day's committee agenda on the Senate floor.

Cross-Filed Bill An identical bill that is introduced in both the House and Senate.

Crossover Date By this date, each chamber sends to the other chamber those bills it passes favorably.

Bobtail Bill Prohibited action that, if allowed, would change the purpose of a bill by striking every word after the words "A Bill."

Tally Sheet Shows final status of all bills introduced.

SOURCE: Maryland Department of Legislative Reference