The calendar has just been turned to the final page. We have entered the final five days of our 1990-'91 fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital.

If you haven't followed our weekly summaries over the past seven Saturdays, you won't know that we're poised to record our best total in the 42 years that The Washington Post has been beating the Children's drum. But even if you have been watching us bob up and down, you know that the final story can still go either way.

Will 1990-'91 finish as a tragedy or a triumph? The answer is in your hands -- particularly the one you use to write checks.

Many of you still suspect that our annual drive is somehow bailed out at the last minute by a zillionaire I keep hidden in the closet for just such moments. I wish it were true. It's not. If we're going to make this campaign a record-breaker, the bucks have to come from you and me, in earthbound increments like $25, $50 and $100.

Gifts of that size have been pouring into my mailbox since Thanksgiving. But this final week of our drive is the time for any and all procrastinators to do what they've been meaning to do.

Not only will your gift be tax-deductible, as it always is, but you will feel that wonderful sense of helping where help is needed, as it always is.

There are many worthy institutions in this community. But only Children's Hospital has dispensed first-class medical care to all comers since 1870. It's worth your support -- before Friday, when we ring down the curtain. Many thanks in advance.


Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.


The following groups have weighed in with contributions over the past few days:

Thursday Morning Senior Citizens Mixed Bowling League, Rinaldi's Bowling Lanes, Riverdale ($46).

OPEA Inspection Division, FBI ($171.06).

Solar Maximum Mission Staff, NASA ($500).

Verner, Lippfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand ($2,061.75 from a "Pennies from Heaven" drive -- not $1,661.50, as I reported a few days ago).

Koch TV Productions Inc., Northwest Washington ($100).

Members, Engine Company 4, Truck Company 4 and Rescue Squad 1, D.C. Fire Department ($405).

Vance International security officers assigned to the National Archives ($300).

Grady Management Inc., Silver Spring (a terrific $4,593, this group's 10th consecutive donation, then a second donation of $275 from others in the same office).

Teleconcepts, Inc., Crofton ($200).

Treasury Employees for Healthy Living ($100).

French International School, Chevy Chase ($252.90 with special salutes to Janelle Battles, Adjo Amouzou, Sebastien Dhonte and Georgette Ettori).

Marjohn Creative Design, Inc., Potomac ($100).

Drug Enforcement Administration, Office of Training, Administrative Support Unit, Quantico ($75 in lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts).

Interstate Electric Supply and its employees, Chantilly ($1,118.50).

Nancey Parker's mentor group, Laurel High School ($15).

Students, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, Beltsville ($150).

Camp Springs Elk Lodge No. 2332 ($500).

Zephyr Systems Inc., Riverdale ($125).

Kindergarten classes, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, Dale City ($260 in lieu of gifts).

Magnet/Comer Office, Prince George's County Public Schools, Upper Marlboro ($60).

Tenants, Bay State Apartment House, Northwest Washington ($18).

Giant Food store 196, Gaithersburg ($100).

Susan Fields Book's fifth-grade Judaic studies class, Washington Hebrew Congregation ($32, half from the students, half from the teacher).

Department of Staff Development, Montgomery County Public Schools ($100).

Bond Office Services Inc., Woodbridge ($500).

C & P Telephone Co. employees, Network Administration and RCMAC, Arlington ($102).

United Methodist Men, St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Kensington ($150 in memory of Bill Paul).

Office of Aerospace Policy and Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce ($100).

United Air Lines Aircraft Maintenance Department, Dulles Airport ($1,900 from these annually hearty givers).

Robert Lee Stevens Memorial Foundation, Bethesda ($100).

Faculty, Westlawn Elementary School, Fairfax County ($95).

Friendly Clifton Bridge Club, Clifton, Va. ($133).

Potomac Eagles Chapter, Winnebago International Travelers ($80).

I.A.M. National Pension Fund ($146.80).

Employees, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ($541 in lieu of a greeting card exchange).

Division of Grants and Procurement Management, Health Resources and Services Administration, Public Health Service, Rockville ($500 raised at an auction following the holiday party).

Ruth Shapiro's K'ton-ton class, Ohr Kodesh Early Childhood Center, Chevy Chase ($14.65).

National Guard Bureau, Directorate for Personnel Resources, Alexandria ($450 from the annual Children's Hospital raffle).

Roman Way, Inc., Burtonsville ($57.16).

Cast and staff, Harlequin Dinner Theater ($110 in "dare money" from those who doubted that business manager Cathy Wetzel and managing director Kenneth Gentry would get heavily-frosted cake smooshed in their faces at the Christmas party).

The Seven Tonkers of Prince George's County ($55.65).

Shipbuilding Contracts Directorate, Department of the Navy ($33.29 in funds left over after the holiday party).

Sixteenth Street Sewing Club ($50 in memory of Catherine McCrea).

P. Friedman and Associates Inc., Vienna ($50).

All American Columbia Auxiliary 833, VFW ($50).

Birchwood Lawncare, Darnestown ($50).

Mrs. Floyd's sixth grade reading/English class, Pyle Middle School, Bethesda ($38.34).

Alexander Telephone Services Inc., Woodbridge ($25).

Employees, Pickett Station, Fairfax Post Office ($40).

St. Agnes Church, Arlington ($75 from the poorbox).

Second Thursday Bridge Club ($50).