Fairfax County

The following were among actions taken at the Jan. 10 meeting of the Fairfax County School Board. For more information, call 246-2991.

ADMINISTRATORS' SALARIES -- The School Board unanimously approved pay scale changes that will give some principals and administrators pay boosts of up to $1,924 a year, despite concerns of teachers who have been told they will get no cost-of-living raises next year and a warning from Audrey Moore, chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, who urged rejection of the raises because of the tight school budget.

The School Board action combines two existing salary scales for school administrators into a single scale, and is designed to eliminate competition among administrators for salary increases. The changes will cost the school system about $370,000 for the rest of the current academic year and $890,789 in the next school year.

Under the present separated pay scales, school-based administrators are paid $37,000 to $80,008, depending on their positions and level of experience, while administrators who work out of areawide and systemwide offices are paid $40,029 to $75,148.

The salaries of most positions will be adjusted slightly to fit into a single scale, resulting in what school officials call some modest salary increases.

More than 100 administrators attended the meeting to support the pay scale merger. Teachers did not oppose pay raises for administrators, but said teachers should get pay raises at the same time. While teachers were recently told they will get no cost-of-living raises, they will get built-in step pay increases.

GYM CARPETING -- The School Board, in a 7 to 3 vote, reversed its decision to lay carpeting in the Waynewood Elementary School gymnasium, appeasing Waynewood parents who had complained that the carpeting might cause injuries and inhibit some sports activities.

About 384 Waynewood parents recently signed a petition against using the nylon all-purpose flooring, called Pro-Gym, which has been installed at 40 elementary schools over the past decade. The Waynewood parents feared it would not be a good floor surface for after-school basketball or roller skating and could cause rug burns or other injuries.

At a board meeting last month, a proposal that would have allowed Waynewood to keep its tile floor failed by a tie vote of 5-to-5. However, after receiving calls from the community and from supervisors, board members Carla Yock (Mason) and Joanne T. Field (Dranesville), who favored carpeting, reversed their votes, thus permitting the school to keep its tile gym floor.