The D.C. government employee who complained to Mayor Sharon Pratt Dixon and the media earlier this month that he didn't do enough work to earn his annual $47,000 salary is to get his old job back tomorrow.

Carl R. Greene, a computer expert, will be sent back to the public housing office to resume his duties as chief of the tenant program and accounting division.

While Greene worked there he received an incentive award for creating an accounting system for public housing tenants that saved the city more than $370,000 in 1989.

In July, he was transferred to the office of finance, where he said he had been given so little work to do he spent his days working out at a health club and taking long lunches. Although he was promised an office computer, he said he never received one. On Jan. 9, Dixon met with Greene and promised he soon would have "challenging work."

Dixon spokesman Paul Costello said the mayor had directed that Greene be given work that would use his "full potential."

Greene said he was given a computer after the meeting with the mayor, but it was never connected to the payroll computer system, so he was unable to complete an assigned task. He said he went back to drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, but stayed in his warehouse-like office rather than spend time at a restaurant. On Thursday, Greene met with the newly-appointed head of the city's personnel office, Lorraine A. Greene. He said she told him he could return to his old job.

Carl Greene said he was disappointed not to be given a job where he could solve accounting problems by creating another new system.

Even so, he said, "I guess I feel great. It is something of a victory. At least now I can earn my salary."