Fairfax City

The following were among actions taken at the Jan. 15 meeting of the Fairfax City Council. For more information, call 385-7855.

CITY BOUNDARY ADJUSTMENT -- The City Council scheduled a public hearing for Feb. 12 on proposed city boundary adjustments that would incorporate about 55 acres of Fairfax County into the city.

Over the past few years, several county neighborhoods along the north and southwest portions of the city border have expressed interest in becoming part of the city. Some of the areas are accessible primarily by city streets and already receive basic city services such as fire and rescue. By joining the city, they would also benefit from other city services, such as trash collection and snow removal. In addition, the real estate property tax rate is consistently lower in the city than in the county.

The county and city have agreed to pursue boundary adjustments for four neighborhoods: Maple Terrace south of I-66 and west of Route 123; Plantation Parkway extension south of I-66; Pumpkin Place off Rust Place; and a residence and the Greater Pentecostal Temple of Christ Church located west of Chain Bridge Road. The boundary changes would add about 55 acres and 237 residents to the city.

If the boundary changes are approved by the city, county and Fairfax County Circuit Court, they are expected to take effect next Jan. 1.

The county and the city also have received a request to let Fairfax Villa and Cavalier Woods subdivisions join the city, but will not pursue the proposal until they have determined whether at least two-thirds of the roughly 1,482 residents in the 193-acre area want the change. The city wants to obtain some county commercial property through the transaction that would help offset the cost of providing city services to the subdivisions.