City of Falls Church

BUDGET PROPOSED -- Superintendent Warren J. Pace proposed a $13 million budget to operate the city's school system during fiscal 1992, which beings July 1, an 8.5 percent increase over the current budget. Included in the proposal is a 3 percent salary increase for all school employees.

The School Board will hold public hearings on the budget on Jan. 30 and Feb. 5 and is expected to approve it Feb. 20 for submission to the City Council.

The total proposed budget, composed of five separate funds, is up 8.53 percent over 1990-91 to $13,082,858. If approved by the School Board and City Council it would need a city appropriation of $10,463,851, an increase of 19.7 percent.

The increase in city appropriation is due to the expected loss of revenue from other sources including $389,000 in state funds, $81,000 in tuition payments, $36,000 from sales taxes and a reduction of $230,000 in the projected beginning balance.

Most of the budget, just over $11 million, would cover operating costs, which include teachers salaries, educational programs for students, special education for pre-school and school age students and adult education.

The remaining $2 million of the school budget would be used to cover debt service ($759,585), to provide food services ($366,152), community related programs such as extended day-care and senior citizen programs ($432,286) and to cover the city and school joint programs such as cable television and recreational use of school facilities ($456,253).

The city enrollment is expected to remain virtually unchanged and there were no special projects or new staff positions.