A white man has been convicted in Baltimore of assault and other charges for chasing a black man into the path of a truck that struck and nearly killed him.

Daniel Spenser Porter, 21, was convicted of assault, reckless endangerment and racial harassment Tuesday in Baltimore Circuit Court.

Herbert Jennings, 33, lost the sight in one eye and suffered a spine fracture when he was hit by the truck July 19.

Porter had told a companion shortly before the incident that he hated blacks and disapproved of interracial dating, according to testimony during the two-day non-jury trial.

The driver of a pickup truck taunted Jennings and his girlfriend, Jennifer Gonzalez, who is white, with racial slurs as they walked down a street, testimony showed. The driver was following them when Porter and two friends came on the scene. Jennings ran and Porter chased him. Jennings fell into the path of another truck.

Judge Robert I.H. Hammerman ordered a psychological and medical evaluation of Porter, who has an IQ of 72 and has been receiving psychiatric counseling since he was 6, said Daniel Marcus, his attorney. Porter faces up to 28 years in prison. He is scheduled for sentencing April 1.