City of Manassas

The following were among actions taken at the Jan. 28 meeting of the Manassas City Council. For more information, call 257-8211.

AIRPORT -- The council referred to the Airport Review Board a proposal to create a permanent recycling center for city yard waste -- for such things as leaves, branches and Christmas trees -- near the intersection of Redoubt and Residency roads on five acres of property owned by the city airport authority. The proposed yard waste recycling center is expected to divert up to 16 percent of trash from the Prince William County landfill at Independent Hill and would help the city meet the state-mandated goal of diverting 25 percent of city waste from the landfill by 1995. The city's current recycling program for newspapers, glass and aluminum has already diverted about 12 percent of city trash from the landfill.

COMMUTER RAIL -- The City Council approved payment of $46,165 to the Virginia Railway Express as the city's share of construction funds for train cars and stations for Northern Virginia's new commuter rail system, expected to begin operation in October. The city's total share of start-up construction costs is over $91,000, but the city has been given credit for costs incurred in planning and designing local commuter rail facilities.

The payment is a one-time fee to match state funds given to the project over the past three years.

The city expects to fund its share of commuter rail operating costs with its share of proceeds from the 2 percent Northern Virginia gasoline tax.

TAX DEFERRALS FOR ELDERLY AND HANDICAPPED -- The council raised the maximum income levels of handicapped residents and those over age 65 who have limited means and wish to defer property taxes on their homes or mobile homes until their property is sold. The ordinance raises eligibility levels from the current maximum annual income of $22,000 to $44,000 and the maximum family net worth from $75,000 to $150,000..

CONSTRUCTION -- The City Council awarded a $797,292 contract to extend Godwin Drive from Route 28 to Southern Railroad. R.G. Griffith Inc. of Chantilly is expected to begin the work on the project by April 1.