A list of demands by students at the University of the District of Columbia that broke a stalemate between students and trustees and ended an 11-day student protest at the school last fall largely remains a wish list.

Of the three dozen issues on which the protesting students and the UDC board of trustees agreed, only a few have been resolved. Most are under study. Some have not been acted on because of delays on the part of students, UDC officials or both.

"We're not shirking our responsibility," said Miles Mark Fisher IV, UDC's interim president. "It is just going to take some time. We are making some progress."

"I think that we are definitely moving forward," said Mark Thompson, a leader of the student protests. "It is a very slow process, and we will all have to be patient."

Simple proposals were implemented, such as providing name tags for staff members involved in registration and providing students with the university's response to a regional accreditation agency.

Students and trustees presented recommendations to the D.C. Council in November for legislation to change the size of the board and the length of trustees' terms. That legislation is pending in a council committee.

Budget cuts, existing union contracts and an investigation by the National Collegiate Athletic Association have slowed progress in many areas, students and university officials said.

UDC library hours were expanded during final exams in December. But a union raised questions about employees working on weekends, so the library is once again closed most of the weekend.

There is disagreement over the outcome of a move to have the student government submit names for student representatives on the committee that will hire UDC's next president.

The students said their nominees were rejected by the trustees, which would be a violation of the agreement between the protesters and the trustees.

University officials said the students missed the deadline for submitting the list.

Items under review by the administration or faculty include establishing departments of African and African American studies, establishing a formal procedure for students to file complaints against faculty and establishing day-care and aftercare programs for children of UDC students.

None of the items related to athletics has been addressed because of an ongoing investigation of UDC's athletic department by the NCAA.

Fisher said he is scheduled to meet with student athletes on Thursday. The agreement had called for such a meeting by Oct. 15.