As a volunteer at my sons' elementary school in Prince George's County, I was appalled at what the library has been directed to do.

It seems that in this time of million-dollar deficits in the county school system budget, the directive has been issued to weed out (discard) outdated material. The criterion used was any material copyrighted before 1970.

Are the beautiful volumes of Shakespeare going to be updated? These items also include student study prints, storybooks (that are classics), nonfiction volumes (that contain still pertinent information) and film strips that were used just two weeks before in classrooms.

I feel that in light of the fact that budget cuts are inevitable this is a criminal misuse of taxpayers' money. I truly resent the misapplication of funds.

One option discussed to solve the budget crisis has been to lay off teachers. This will boost the average class size. And there may not be money for workbooks. This would mean there will be no math workbooks for grades 1 to 3.

My son recently had a report assigned for which he got two books from the school library; both were copyrighted before 1970. The information was accurate and pertinent enough for him to have received an 'A' on the report. I resent the waste and poor management of a county school system that would allow these and other good books to be discarded. E. MARSHALL College Park