Former Prince George's County Council member Anthony J. Cicoria, convicted of stealing more than $64,000 from his campaign fund, lost his bid yesterday to be freed from prison while his case is under appeal.

Cicoria, convicted in November of felony theft, conspiracy and filing false Maryland income tax returns, was sentenced Dec. 12 to five years in prison.

On Wednesday, his attorney asked a judge in Prince George's to allow Cicoria to be released on bail to help prepare his appeal.

The attorney, William C. Brennan, argued that the sentencing judge, Robert C. Nalley, "abused his discretion" in December by denying Cicoria's request for bail on the day of his sentencing.

Brennan told Circuit Court Judge G.R. Hovey Johnson that Nalley should have granted the request because Cicoria had consistently appeared in court when required while free on bail before and during his trial.

But Johnson ruled yesterday that Nalley did not abuse his discretion.

Cicoria, a Democrat who was elected to the council in 1982 and served for eight years, is imprisoned at the Baltimore City Correctional Center.

His wife, Catherine, also charged in the case, is being held at the Prince George's Correctional center, awaiting trial Feb. 18.