The owner of a suburban Baltimore employment agency was sentenced this week to six months in prison in connection with bringing hundreds of Caribbean women to the Washington-Baltimore area to work illegally as nannies.

Samuel Kaplan, 58, owner of Select Employment Services Ltd., also was fined $10,000 Wednesday and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service by U.S. District Judge Herbert F. Murray in Baltimore.

Kaplan pleaded guilty in December to violating U.S. immigration law by inducing illegal aliens to enter the United States and referring them to jobs for a fee.

According to court records, Kaplan recruited 600 women from Trinidad and other Caribbean islands between 1986 and 1989, grossing hundreds of thousands of dollars in placement fees. Many paid $2,000 to $2,500 apiece.

Under Kaplan's instructions, prosecutors said, the women entered the United States posing as vacationers and had no work permits, or green cards.

According to the prosecutors, Kaplan placed the women with families seeking live-in babysitters. The women typically were paid $135 to $200 a week, considerably less than their American counterparts, prosecutors said.

In another case, immigration officials announced the arrests yesterday of a Delaware lawyer, her husband and her brother in an alleged bribery scheme to obtain legal status for scores of unqualified foreigners under the alien amnesty program.

Walter D. Cadman, district director for the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Baltimore, said Valerie J. Glover was arrested at her Milford home along with her husband, Tuste Tonwe, a physician, and her brother, Michael.

Cadman said that after Valerie Glover allegedly attempted to bribe an immigration officer in October, agents set up a sting operation at a hotel in downtown Baltimore, where Glover brought more than 140 aliens who paid $74,000 in bribes to immigration agents.

Cadman said Glover falsified documents and coached the aliens to say falsely that they had come to the United States before January 1982, the amnesty cutoff date.