A 4-year-old Silver Spring girl's telephone call for help last fall, answered by a receptionist at a rural health department in Wisconsin, has brought a $100 fine to the child's mother and a measure of local celebrity to the receptionist.

It was Oct. 15 when the girl, alone and ill, randomly dialed the phone in her apartment. The call was answered by Sarah Weeks at the health department in Walworth County, Wis., southeast of Madison.

Weeks comforted the girl for two hours, singing nursery rhymes and reciting ABCs while long-distance phone operators and Wisconsin sheriff's deputies struggled to trace the call. Montgomery County police were dispatched about midday to the child's home, and the girl was taken to the Silver Spring police station until her mother picked her up.

Last month, the girl's mother, Luvisca Deligny, 27, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of leaving a child unattended. Deligny said in an interview at the time of the incident that she had left the girl with a roommate while she ran an errand. According to court records, Deligny was fined $100 by District Court Judge Ann Harrington.

Weeks said last week she was interviewed by three Midwest television stations and several local newspapers. Weeks said she was concerned about the girl's welfare. "She could have got anybody on the phone."