A jury in Virginia Beach convicted Robin Radcliff of capital murder for hire and conspiracy yesterday in the July 1991 slaying of her husband, who was in the Navy.

The jury will return today to determine punishment. Capital murder carries a penalty of life imprisonment or death.

Prosecutors said Radcliff, 35, and her lover, Gerardo Hinojosa, engaged in a plot to murder her husband, James Radcliff. Robin Radcliff married Hinojosa a week after her husband was buried.

Radcliff pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity when the trial opened a week ago.

James Radcliff had just returned from sea duty when he was beaten and stabbed to death in his home by three intruders.

In closing arguments, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Pamela Albert said the defendant "made choices over and over again to get her husband murdered," including making plans with Hinojosa to hire a hit squad to carry out the killing.

She said Robin Radcliff let the attackers into her bedroom while her husband slept. After the attack but while he was still alive, "she gets in the bed and rolls in the blood" to make it appear they were victims of a burglary, Albert said.

Hinojosa pleaded guilty to murder last year and is serving a life prison term. Three other defendants also received life sentences, while the man identified by prosecutors as the leader of the group that carried out the killing -- Mario Murphy -- was sentenced to death.