A group of students from Montgomery Blair High School urged the Montgomery County Board of Education last night to investigate allegations that at least two male teachers there repeatedly have sexually harassed female students.

The board received written statements from the students at its regular meeting, but did not give a response. Phillip Gainous, principal of the Silver Spring school, said earlier that the allegations have been dealt with.

Holding a news conference before last night's board meeting, several female students, who said they have not been harassed, complained that one teacher requires hugs from female students who are late to class and that another had commented on girls' legs and breasts, and told one girl that he could see down her dress.

The students said the girls who allege they were harassed didn't participate in the news conference because they feared retribution from the teachers and school administrators.

Marcia Ventura, a junior, said she has not signed up for classes taught by the first teacher because "he has a wide reputation for putting his female students in a bad, awkward position."

The issue of sexual harassment at Blair has come under scrutiny after a student threatened to sue the school system last month, asserting that school administrators had mishandled her sexual harassment complaint against another student.

The girl's attorney said plans to sue were dropped after Superintendent Paul L. Vance ordered the administrators involved to apologize to the girl and said system officials would review Blair's procedures for handling allegations of sexual harassment.

Yesterday, Principal Gainous said he was aware of the students' complaints against the teachers.

In the first case, Gainous said, a student complained last fall about the instructor's hugging. The teacher apologized and received a reprimand after a meeting that included the girl, her parents and the instructor, Gainous said. "We all agreed that {the hugging} had been inappropriate," the principal said.

But some students insisted that the teacher continues to hug girls in his class. "I don't think that each and every student who has a class with him needs to go through all this to have a decent . . . class," said Cecily Iddings, a freshman, who said she heard students complaining about the teacher last week.

Gainous said he has received one complaint about the second teacher, which involved the instructor's comment about the girl's dress. Gainous said the teacher admitted making the comment, but denied that he was trying to harass her.

Gainous also denied that students had been lodging complaints against the teachers for several years, as alleged by some parents and students.

The principal said that although the teacher accused of hugging students had been at Blair more than 20 years, "this was the first time I've had this complaint raised to me about him." Gainous said the other teacher is in his second year at the school.

Vance said he was aware of the students' complaints and had told parents involved that school officials would handle the allegations. "No one's ducking or avoiding this in any way," Vance said before last night's school board meeting.