An attorney for John Bobbitt says he never pressured his wife to get an abortion, complaining that Lorena Bobbitt's explanation of why she severed his penis becomes "more exaggerated" with each telling.

"That's absolutely wrong," said attorney Greg Murphy. "She just unexpectedly got pregnant and neither one thought it was the right time to have a baby." He said she had the abortion two years ago, right after the couple reconciled following a long separation.

"She seems to be adding more provocative accusations," Murphy said in response to a television interview with Lorena Bobbitt, which was scheduled to run last night on the ABC News program "20/20."

Murphy said he would advise his 26-year-old client not to watch the show.

"He's very, very depressed," Murphy said, "and he's getting more and more frustrated with what's being said." He said John Bobbitt would not publicly discuss the case until after his Nov. 8 trial on a charge of marital sexual assault.

Murphy challenged most of Lorena Bobbitt's account of the couple's stormy marriage and what led up to the night of June 23, when she cut off her husband's penis with a knife after he allegedly raped her.

Lorena Bobbitt told "20/20" that she was motivated in part by her anguish over an abortion she said her husband had pressured her to get.

John Bobbitt's lawyers have hinted that they might pursue a defense portraying him as a dependent spouse abused emotionally and physically by his 24-year-old wife.

"He reported her violent attacks on occasion to the police," Murphy said. "There was only one time when both took out charges against each other, though. That was 2 1/2 years ago."

Lorena Bobbitt described a history of abuse by John Bobbitt leading up to the predawn violence in their Manassas apartment last June.

Police have confirmed that they were summoned to the Bobbitt home on several occasions in response to reports of domestic violence.

Murphy said, however, that John Bobbitt "did not initiate any kind of physical altercation" during the four-year marriage and accused Lorena Bobbitt of assaulting her husband before that night, once causing him to "split his toe" during a shoving match.

Lorena Bobbitt said the marriage turned violent one month after the wedding, when she tried to wrench the steering wheel from her husband when he allegedly began driving erratically after a night of drinking.

"I said, 'I'm scared, please don't drive like that,' " Lorena Bobbitt recounted. When she tried to straighten the steering wheel, she said, "he punched me."

Murphy gave a different account.

"She was mad at John because he didn't have the right shoes on," the attorney said. "They went up to a bar in D.C. that she wanted to go to and they couldn't get in because he had tennis shoes on. She got mad at him and started hitting him while he was driving down Interstate 66."

After cutting off his penis with a filleting knife around 5 a.m. on June 23, Lorena Bobbitt said, she grabbed her purse and fled to a friend's house. It was only as she was driving that she noticed her husband's penis was still in her hand. She flung it out the window into a field, where police recovered it. Surgeons reattached the organ during a 9 1/2-hour operation.

John Bobbitt "is a very nice, friendly person -- not the picture she's trying to paint," his attorney said, adding that Bobbitt had left his wife at least twice.

The couple separated for nearly a year after Lorena Bobbitt allegedly embezzled $7,000 from her employer in October 1991, Murphy said.

Lorena Bobbitt's attorney, James Lowe, was on vacation this week and could not be reached for comment. But in the "20/20" segment, Lowe said the money was used to make mortgage payments on a house the couple eventually lost.

He also said that the money "has all been returned and the employer has kept her notwithstanding."