A Fairfax County jury found two men guilty of first-degree murder yesterday in the July 31 execution-style shootings in Springfield that killed 17-year-old William J. Crocker IV.

Frank D. Kelly, 18, and Elmer C. Bennefield, 20, also were found guilty of abduction and firearm offenses. Under a new Virginia law, the same jury will return today for a separate hearing for sentencing.

Khalid Karim, 18, was convicted last month of first-degree murder, and a 17-year-old who was tried as a juvenile pleaded guilty to the same charge this year. Prosecutors said the shots were fired by Karim and another man, Rick E. Herring, 19, whose trial is scheduled this month.

Crocker and three friends were ordered by Karim to lie face down on Dudrow Road, where they were kicked by members of Karim's group, police said. Two of the three teenagers who were shot survived and testified at the trial.

According to testimony, Crocker's group gave Karim's group $150 for marijuana that was never delivered. Witnesses said that Kelly gave the order to "shoot them all." Bennefield admitted in court that he participated in the kicking, but said Herring took his gun from him and fired the shot that killed Crocker.