Ever wonder about what's being built -- or what a developer proposes to build -- on the vacant land around the corner? This feature is intended to provide an easy way for you to learn about planned development throughout Charles County.

Using information provided by the Charles County Department of Planning and Growth Management, and the town of La Plata zoning office, Southern Maryland Extra gives you a monthly update on planned subdivisions, office buildings, shopping centers and other development. The map and chart identify by districts planned projects that were processed by officials in April.

The status of the projects is described in three categories:

Projects Proposed, Preliminary Plans/Site Plans Proposed are residential, commercial or industrial projects submitted for approval. Public meetings are held before any action by the Planning Commission.

Projects Approved, Preliminary Plans/Site Plans Approved are residential, commercial or industrial projects approved by the county or incorporated towns for development of land.

Development Services Permits allow a property owner to begin clearing or grading land for construction.

I. Projects Proposed


1. COMMUNITY HEAD START, Medway Street off Metropolitan Church Road in Brawners Estates. A site plan for construction of a Community Head Start School.


2. COUNTY FIRST BANK, Route 925, east of Smallwood Drive East. A site plan for construction of a bank with drive-through.

3. FOREST GROVE CEMETERY, Route 301 and Turkey Hill Road. A site plan for construction of an office and maintenance building.

4. THE GALLERIA DAY, St. Patrick's Drive. A site plan for construction of a day spa and salon.

II. Projects Approved


5. LA PLATA TRAIN MUSEUM, Kent Avenue off Charles Street. A central park and train museum will be located on approximately a half-acre, next to Southern States. The train station will be moved from its current location about 100 yards to its new home, where it will be refurbished.


6. HUNTERS BROOKE, Route 225, just east of Ripley Road. A site plan for construction of a recreational area consisting of a tennis court, pavilion, soccer and volleyball court.


7. SWAN POINT GOLF COURSE, Swan Point Boulevard. A site plan for construction of a maintenance building for storage.

III. Development Services Permits Issued


8. NANJEMOY BAPTIST CHURCH, Maryland Point Road. A permit to begin construction on a two-story, 8,812-square-foot building.


9. MONTROSE FARMS, PHASE I, Indian Head Highway and Chapmans Landing Road. A permit for construction of 34 single-family houses on 32.46 acres.


10. BROOKS HAVEN, SECTION 2, end of Mark Drive off Route 228. A permit for construction of eight single-family houses on 23.4 acres.

11. CLAYBANK MOTORS, 11750 Oak Manor Dr., off Old Washington Road. A permit for construction of a used-car sales facility.

12. DORCHESTER GREENS, St. Patrick's Drive between Billingsley Road and Smallwood Drive West. A final plat for construction of 60 single-family houses.

13. SETTLEWOODS, end of Elsa Avenue off Route 228. A permit for construction of 50 single-family houses on 56.7 acres.

14. STANFORD, PHASE 2, Hamilton Road, north of Chestnut Drive. A permit for construction of 109 town houses on 17.27 acres.