Raphael Recanati

Israeli Businessman

Raphael Recanati, 75, an Israeli business magnate who founded the Israel-America Line in 1948 that took vital supplies to the fledgling state, died May 28 at his home in New York. He had a liver ailment.

Mr. Recanati was born in Greece and immigrated to pre-state Palestine in 1935 with his family, which founded Israel Discount Bank. He enlisted in the Jewish militia Palmach and was sent to Egypt, where he worked to help Egyptian Jews reach Israel.

He was board chairman of Israel Discount Bank from 1982 until 1986, when a Jerusalem court sentenced him to eight months in prison for fraudulent business dealings. After the sentence was reversed, he moved to New York, where he founded and headed foreign subsidiaries of the bank.

Thomas E. Coffin

NBC Researcher

Thomas E. Coffin, 83, an NBC research director whose groundbreaking studies in the late 1940s demonstrated the effectiveness of television advertising, died May 13 in Stanton, Calif. The cause of death was not reported.

He was the first to conduct scientific studies that showed people bought products after seeing them in television commercials, an unproven concept in television's early days.

Mr. Coffin left a job as a Hofstra University psychology professor to become NBC's first television market research specialist in 1949 and served as its research director from 1964 to 1972.

He then did consulting work until retiring in 1988.