A diabetic Fairfax County mother is more than a little grateful to her 3-year-old daughter these days.

Laura Frye, 35, was home on a Saturday afternoon about two weeks ago with her little girl, Jessica, when Frye's blood sugar plunged and she lost consciousness.

Two hours later, Frye woke up surrounded by county emergency workers. Jessica apparently had grown concerned as her mother lay unconscious on the floor, and the little girl dialed an operator, who patched her into the county's 911 system.

A spokesman for the Fire and Rescue Department confirmed receiving a call from a 3-year-old about 6:10 p.m. May 22 and said the department dispatched a paramedic team and an advanced life support unit.

Frye said she and her husband, Drew, had tried to prepare their daughter for just such an emergency four months ago, when Frye almost lost consciousness after her blood sugar level plunged. They showed Jessica how to dial the operator for help, and Laura Frye put ladybug stickers on the 0 buttons on all the phones in their house to remind the child. Even so, Frye said, "I'm surprised she remembered."

Although Jessica won't talk about the incident, her mother believes the outcome was reassuring for the girl.

"I think she feels a little bit more confident . . . because she knows that there's something she can do if something goes wrong," Frye said.

As a thank-you, Jessica got a night out with her parents at Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant.

CAPTION: Laura and Drew Frye taught Jessica to dial the operator for help.