School Board Adopts Fiscal 2000 Budget

The Howard County Board of Education on Tuesday adopted its budget for the 2000 fiscal year, which begins next month. The operating budget, including the state's share, totals $300 million; the capital budget totals $36 million.

The board approved new salary levels for first-year teachers. A teacher with a standard professional certificate--the typical appointment--will receive $29,006. Other first year or Step 1 salaries are the following: provisional degree certificate, $22,999; bachelor's degree plus advanced professional certificate or 30 applicable credit hours, $29,654; master's degree, $30,270; master's plus 30 credit hours, $30,987; doctorate, $31,733.

Also Tuesday, two educators were appointed to newly created assistant principal positions. Mara Goron, a social studies teacher at Mount Hebron High School, will take the job at Centennial High School, and Robert Connor, an acting assistant principal in Anne Arundel County, will become assistant principal at Glenelg High School.

Teachers Association Names Chief

Joseph R. Staub Jr., a social studies teacher at Long Reach High School, will become president of the Howard County Teachers Association on July 1. Karen Dunlop, a former teacher, is retiring as president after serving two two-year terms.