The Washington Post and developed school report cards for Maryland public elementary and middle schools, based on the Maryland School Performance Assessment Program (MSPAP) exams. The report cards measure schools' MSPAP performance, calculated by and expressed as a rating of one to five stars.

Schools with one star performed much worse on the tests than most other schools. Two stars indicate that a school performed somewhat worse than other schools, while schools that performed about as well as most other schools received three stars. Four stars indicate somewhat-better-than-average scores. And five stars indicate that a school performed much better than other schools in the state.

Using a statistical technique called multiple regression, The Post produced an index that adjusts for the socioeconomic level of a school's student body. The Post estimated how closely MSPAP scores correlated in the 1997-98 school year with student family income.

We then used the results of that study to estimate how much higher or lower each school's actual scores were on the MSPAP tests than its "predicted" scores. Schools whose scores topped their predicted scores by a particularly large margin may be doing a particularly good job of educating their students even if their raw scores were only average or low. They were given an adjusted index of five stars.

Schools whose scores fell below their predicted scores by a large margin may be performing poorly even if their actual scores were high or average. They were given an adjusted index of one star.

Schools performing at somewhat worse than expected levels after adjusting for student poverty got two stars. Those performing at somewhat better than expected levels after adjusting for poverty received four stars. Schools performing at more-or-less expected level received three stars.

Middle school Pct. Raw Scores

poor scores adjusted

students* for family


Martin Luther King Jr.

Academic Center 28 *** ***

Buck Lodge 72 ** *****

Greenbelt 51 ** ***

Hyattsville 55 ** ***

Kettering 26 ** **

Jackson 52 ** ***

Shugar 40 ** **

Goddard 64 ** ***

Walker Mill 45 *** ****

Lord Baltimore 34 ** *

Orem 64 ** ***

Johnson 47 ** ***

Carroll 49 ** **

Oxon Hill 34 ** *

Decatur 28 ** *

Stoddert 54 ** **

Wirt 78 ** ***

Marshall 54 * *

Madison 22 ** *

Tasker 22 *** **

Pullen Elementary/Middle 12 **** **

Eisenhower 35 *** ***

Eugene Burroughs 22 *** **

Kenmoor 51 *** ***

Gwynn Park 24 *** *

*Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunches.