So Much for GOP Loyalty

Let me get this straight. The Loudoun County Republican Committee made a public spectacle requiring all potential voters in the May 22 Republican primary election to sign a legally nonbinding pledge to support the Republican ticket in the fall general election. Instead of harassing the voters, the committee should have been more concerned with the integrity and loyalty of its candidates.

Now, the losing candidate for chairman of the Board of Supervisors is reinventing herself as an independent candidate to run again in the fall ["Myers Picks Candidacy Over Party," June 10], and all the Republican leadership can say is, "We urge her to abide by the results." How about, "You lost, get over it."

To ensure that she gets the message, the committee should throw her out of the party and include anyone who signed her petition to get on the ballot, anyone who contributes money to her campaign and anyone who supports her and/or campaigns on her behalf.

If this isn't done, then I suggest that the 6,000-plus pledges be recycled for a more useful purpose like toilet paper.




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