A player for Design Corps Post 82 filed a complaint against the parent of a player from opposing Calvert County after an altercation following Tuesday's Frank Riley League baseball game at La Plata High School.

La Plata Town Police Officer Harold Cunningham, who was called to the scene and took the Design Corps player's statement, said he would refer the complaint to the Charles County State's Attorney's Office.

"It was an adult involved in the game here, and [the adult and the Design Corps player] were both involved in an altercation," Cunningham said.

After the game, which Calvert won, 7-4, the Design Corps player approached a player or several players from the Calvert team, according to witnesses. At that point, the parent moved between the Design Corps player and the Calvert players, the witnesses said.

The Design Corps player told Cunningham that the parent pushed him back in a manner he called malicious. However, a Calvert coach who declined to be identified said the parent was only being defensive, and was trying to stop the player from starting a fight.

Cunningham talked to the player in the parking lot a few minutes after the game. After talking to the Calvert coaches and several parents, Cunningham returned to the parking lot and took the player's complaint.