Cardinal Basil Hume

British Prelate

Cardinal Basil Hume, 76, leader of the Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales and one of the most admired public figures in Britain, died June 17 in London, just hours after his official spokesman announced that his cancer had reached its final stages.

"He was goodness personified, a true holy man with extraordinary humility and an unswerving dedication," Prime Minister Tony Blair said. "He did much to inspire people of all faiths, and none."

Though he shepherded a flock of just 4.6 million, the cardinal's ability to cut through complicated moral arguments and get to the nub of the matter made his a voice heard beyond his own church. The cardinal surprised some more dogmatic Christians in 1993 when he affirmed the dignity of homosexuals, telling them "not to develop a sense of guilt or think of themselves as unpleasing to God. On the contrary, they are precious to God."

Jack M. Campbell

N.M. Governor

Jack M. Campbell, 82, a Democrat who was governor of New Mexico from 1963 to 1966, died June 14 at a Santa Fe retirement home. The cause of death was not reported.

As governor, he enforced a nonpartisan civil service for state employees and modernized services for the mentally ill. He was the first New Mexico governor to appoint a science adviser.

Before becoming governor, he was a lawyer, an FBI agent and speaker of the state House. He also served in the Marines during World War II.