This is an unofficial list of candidates for the Nov. 2 general election provided by local boards of elections. The state Board of Elections still must confirm the final list. Asterisk indicates an incumbent.


State Senate

30th District

Charles W. "Levi" Levy (I)

Patricia S. Ticer (D) *

32nd District

Whitney Adams (R)

Janet D. Howell (D) *

33rd District

William C. Mims (R) *

Gary C. Myers (I)

34th District

Leslie L. Byrne (D)

Virginia Dobey (I)

Jane H. Woods (R) *

35th District

David D. Goode (I)

Robert H. Neitz (R)

Richard L. Saslaw (D) *

36th District

Linda T. "Toddy" Puller (D)

Daniel F. Rinzel (R)

37th District

Warren E. Barry (R) *

House of Delegates

32nd District

Richard H. Black (R) *

Kelly Burk (D)

33rd District

Joe T. May (R) *

34th District

Vincent F. Callahan Jr. (R) *

Carole L. Herrick (D)

35th District

Jeannemarie Devolites (R) *

George E. Lovelace (D)

36th District

Kenneth R. Plum (D) *

Michael N. Pocalyko (R)

Peter L. Thomas (I)

37th District

John H. "Jack" Rust Jr. (R)

38th District

Robert D. Hull (D) *

Stephen F. Smith (R)

39th District

Christopher T. Craig (R)

Charles W. "Levi" Levy (I)

Vivian E. Watts (D) *

40th District

Gordon K. Meriwether (D)

James K "Jay" O'Brien Jr. (R) *

41st District

James H. Dillard II (R) *

Eileen R. Filler-Corn (D)

42nd District

David B. Albo (R) *

43rd District

Thomas M. Bolvin (R)

Gladys B. Keating (D) *

44th District

Kristen J. Amundson (D)

Scott T. Klein (R)

45th District

Marian Van Landingham (D) *

Ross B. Bell (R)

47th District

James F. Almand (D) *

Robert A. Metry Jr. (R)

48th District

Robert H. Brink (D) *

John Massoud (R)

53rd District

Patrick Kelley (R)

James M. Scott (D) *

67th District

Roger J. McClure (R) *

James E. Mitchell III (D)


Clerk of Court

John T. Frey (R) *

Commonwealth's Attorney

Robert F. Horan Jr. (D) *


Stan Barry (D)

Carl R. Peed (R) *

Board of Supervisors


Paul E. Gagnon (I)

Katherine K. Hanley (D) *

Charles W. "Levi" Levy (I)

Arthur G. Purves (I)

Braddock District

Sharon S. Bulova (D) *

Dranesville District

Stuart Mendelsohn (R) *

Barbara H. Philips (D)

Hunter Mill District

Robert B. Dix Jr. (R) *

Catherine M. Hudgins (D)

John M. Thoburn (I)

Lee District

Robert M. Jones (R)

T. Dana Kauffman (D) *

Mason District

Penelope A. Gross (D) *

Stephen Lawrence (I)

Christine Trapnell (R)

Mount Vernon District

Gerald W. Hyland (D) *

Providence District

Gerald E. Connolly (D) *

Springfield District

Elaine N. McConnell (R) *

Sully District

Michael R. Frey (R) *

School Board - Member At Large (3 seats)

Mychele B. Brickner (I) *

Mark. H. Emery (I) *

Robert E. Frye Sr. (I) *

Robert W. Gardner (I)

Stephen M. Hunter (I)

Charles W. "Levi" Levy (I)

Rita S. Thompson (I)

Braddock District

Ilryong Moon (I) *

Judith T. Wilson (I)

Dranesville District

I. Michael Saliba (I)

Jane K. Strauss (I) *

Hunter Mill District

Stuart D. Gibson (I) *

Thomas A. Wilkins (I)

Lee District

Christian N. Braunlich (I) *

Brad Center (I)

Mason District

Rafael Franchi (I)

Kaye Kory (I)

C.W. "Levi" Levy (I)

Mount Vernon District

Sharon E. Baroncelli (I)

Isis M. Castro (I)

Providence District

Ernestine C. Heastie (I) *

Jamie E. Ruppmann (I)

Springfield District

Cathy A. Belter (I)

Carter S. Thomas (I) *

Sully District

Gary A. Reese (I) *

Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District-3 Directors

Dewey Bond (I) *

Carey Campbell (I)

Greg Evans (I) *

Johnna Gagnon (I)

Sally Ormsby (I)

Sheila Roit (I)

Christopher Suprun (I)