New County Government Phone System

A new phone system for the Montgomery County government goes into effect on Monday, causing most phone numbers to change.

The new numbers will have the new 240 area code, and a 777 or 773 prefix. For the next three months, callers to the old numbers will hear a recording directing them to the new number. For general information about county government departments or agencies the new number will be 240-777-1000.

The county will publicize the changes over the summer with an advertising campaign featuring brochures, fliers, a newspaper insert, Ride-On bus ads, and various handouts distributed at county facilities, including libraries and regional services centers. Montgomery County's Web site,, also will post the updated phone directory.

In a statement announcing the changes, Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Romer said: "We are making every effort to smooth the transition to the new system, which will significantly improve our service to the public. The system will be more reliable, more cost effective, and will ensure that county workers have the voice mail and other communications tools they need to better communicate with our residents."

The county's "most requested phone numbers:" (Note: Numbers with 301 area codes have not changed. New numbers will not be in service until Monday.)

Abused Persons Crisis Line: 301-315-4673.

Animal Control: 301-279-1823.

Birth and Death Records: 240-777-1755.

Building Permits: 240-777-6200.

Business Licenses: 240-777-9460.

Child Care Connection: 301-279-1773.

Child Protective Services: 240-777-4417 (24 hours).

Child Safety Seat Hotline: 240-777-3660.

Clerk of the Circuit Court: 240-777-9466.

Consumer Complaints: 240-777-3636.

County Council: 240-777-7900.

County Executive: 240-777-2500.

Crisis Hotline: 301-315-4000 (24 hours).

Human Relations Complaints: 301-468-4265.

Information and Referral: 240-777-1000.

Land Records: 240-777-9477.

Landlord-Tenant Complaints: 240-777-3680.

Library Telephone Reference: 240-777-0001.

Moderately Priced Housing: 240-777-3705.

Parking Violations: 240-777-8960.

Pet Licenses: 301-279-1249.

Police Non-Emergency: 240-773-5390.

Property Tax Information: 240-777-8950.

Rat Complaints: 240-777-3986.

Recycling Information: 240-777-6400.

Register of Wills: 240-777-9600.

Sheriff: 240-777-7000.

State's Attorney: 240-777-7300.

Trash Collection: 240-777-6410.

Voter Registration: 240-777-VOTE.