The two men involved in a highly publicized escape from the Maryland Correctional Institute at Jessup last month were captured after one man's girlfriend told police where to find them, authorities said yesterday.

Police said they withheld the role of the woman until yesterday, hoping to shield her from the sort of attention given earlier to the arrest of another woman--a former prison psychologist--who was charged with helping the escapees.

The alleged involvement of Geneva V. Shadeed, 36, added a new twist to an already complicated saga described by investigators.

Although they praised Shadeed yesterday for turning in the two men, they also charged her with helping and harboring them briefly after they scaled the prison fence.

The May 18 escape gained notoriety after police charged Annapolis psychologist Elizabeth Feil with aiding the two escapees, alleging that her romantic involvement with one of them--Byron Smoot, 38--led to her dismissal as a prison counselor.

Police said yesterday that they arrested Smoot on May 20 in a Baltimore hotel room and the second man--Gregory Lawrence, 39--at Shadeed's Baltimore apartment after she called to alert authorities to their whereabouts.

"Both she and Dr. Feil had the chance to do the right thing, but only she did," one investigator said.

Shadeed became disillusioned with Lawrence after learning from news accounts after the escape that he was serving time for murder, rather than drug dealing, as he had told her, police said. Shadeed was released on personal recognizance late Wednesday.

In revealing the involvement of Shadeed yesterday, authorities revised their earlier account of the escape and acknowledged that they intentionally gave inaccurate information last month to shield her role.

They gave the following account yesterday:

After the two men cleared the fence--with Smoot badly cut by the razor wire atop it--they used a pay telephone next to a Jessup liquor story to dial Shadeed's pager. When Shadeed responded, Lawrence instructed her to page Feil and key in "007," a code used by Feil and Smoot during the course of their relationship.

Shadeed did not know Feil, investigators said.

Feil, 43, recognized the code and knew it was a summons to meet the two escapees at a predetermined location. Feil and the two inmates went to the Town House Motel in Pikesville, where Shadeed met them. Later that evening, Lawrence and Shadeed went to her apartment in Baltimore.

The next day, Shadeed arranged for a room at the Regal Inn on Pulaski Highway in Baltimore so that Feil and Smoot could relocate to evade police. Later that day, Shadeed heard reports on the escape that mentioned Lawrence was a convicted murderer serving a life sentence. She was under the impression he was in prison for possession of drugs.

She became fearful and called police.

"We had been missing the inmates by hours. Her call is what got us hot on their trail and ultimately led to their capture," an investigator said.

The men were arrested two days after the escape.

Investigators characterized the relationship between Lawrence and Shadeed as "boyfriend-girlfriend" and said "many letters were exchanged." Corrections officials said Shadeed's name does not appear on the prison visitor logs. Feil's name appeared repeatedly on the logs despite the fact that she was prohibited from visiting the prison after being fired from her prison job.

Although Shadeed could receive more than a dozen years in prison if convicted on the various charges, investigators said they will tell Anne Arundel County prosecutors that she was of "immense" help in the capture. Feil is free on $5,225 bond.

The two inmates were the first to escape the Jessup prison. The incident embarrassed prison officials and prompted reforms including updated computer and alarm systems, increased patrolling of prison grounds, additional security training for guards and tighter limits on visitor access to prisoners.

The prison's warden was transferred after the breakout. Two prison guards have been fired, three were suspended, a prison officer was demoted and two guards were ordered to undergo training.