Dr. Gridlock asked readers for more information about books on tape, including where to get them, how they help with commuting, a Top 10 list and your recommended titles. I'm getting an education. The first column on this topic ran Monday in the daily Metro section. Here's more:

Prescription for SanityDear Dr. Gridlock:

I commute from Ashburn to downtown Washington, and I would be absolutely batty without "reading" on my commute. Books on tape are such a pleasure that I find myself hurrying out to the car for my rush-hour commute home.

I have passed on my secret to co-workers, who are thrilled with their decreased stress level. We share book titles and then go to the county library to check them out.

The Eastern Loudoun County Library has a great selection of classics and modern novels. If your library doesn't supply your need, bring it to their attention. It will benefit everyone.



Tapes Are a Must-Have

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I recommend that commuters looking for books on tape check out their local library. I work in the Fauquier County library system, and the taped books are some of our most popular materials.

Even though my own commute is only about 25 minutes, I wouldn't be without one. The choices range from new fiction and mysteries to classics to self-help and other nonfiction materials.

I know that the Prince William County and Fairfax County library systems offer this free service as well. Our taxes are helping to pay for this, so I encourage harried commuters to check it out.



A New Attitude

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I commute from Columbia to McLean, and since I started listening to books on tape two months ago, my attitude has changed. I'm a more relaxed driver and am more courteous to those around me. I let people change lanes in front of me and don't rise to the bait of the aggressive drivers.



Check Out the Library

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

The 18 branches of the Prince George's County public library system have more than 13,000 books on tape for lending.

Readers who don't live in Prince George's County but want to borrow from our collection can do so. To find out how, call us at 301-699-3500, or log on to our Web site at www.prge.lib.md.us.


Prince George's County

Memorial Library System


Thanks for your many audiotape suggestions to Dr. Gridlock these past two columns. I have a lot better idea what's out there.

During my commuting, I've been listening to a steady diet of radio, such as "Dr. Laura," who in my opinion sometimes belittles help-seekers; Jim Rome, a sports talker who tells his audience "the less of you and the more of me, the better the show"; and Rush Limbaugh, who says he takes on opponents "with half my brain tied behind my back" to make things equal.

Time for a change. Anything that causes drivers to look forward to their commute has to be tried.

Dr. Gridlock's assistant, Jessica Medinger, contributed to this column.

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