Josh Krumpach scored three touchdowns and had two quarterback sacks as the Broncos defeated the Cowboys, 34-12, in the Seneca Sports Association NFL Flag Varsity Division championship June 27 at Cedar Creek Park in Germantown.

Reggie Frazier threw four touchdown passes and had one interception and Justin Cammack, C.J. Jones and Morgan Cammack played good defense. Frank Hill had one touchdown and one interception and Neal Stokes and Chris Reed each scored one touchdown.

"I'm very happy with the way our team played," said Broncos Coach Everett Cammack, whose team finished the season with an 8-0 record. "We had a good mixture of run and pass and we played very good defense."

The Cowboys got on the scoreboard first as Robert Englund caught a touchdown pass from Brett Klejmont, but the Broncos tied the game on a 45-yard pass from Frazier to Krumpach late in the first half.

The Broncos led 20-6 midway through the second half as Stokes and Krumpach scored rushing touchdowns and Krumpach had a two-point conversion. Hill and Frazier made key defensive plays.

"We made some changes [at halftime] that paid off in the second half," said Cammack, whose team played prevent defense in the first half but pressured the quarterback in the second half.

"In the first half, I had Frank covering Englund, which was a huge height advantage for Englund. In the second half, we put Reggie on him and he pretty much shut him down."

The Cowboys cut the lead to 20-12 on Englund's second touchdown of the game, but the Broncos scored twice in the final five minutes to put the game out of reach. Krumpach and Reed caught touchdown passes and Frazier connected with Reed for a two-point conversion.

"Reggie is a good left-handed quarterback," said Cammack, who helped form the league last year. "He's very disciplined as far as dropping back to pass. He reads defenses well and he usually thinks before he throws. Of course, it helps to have athletic wide receivers who run good routes and have good hands."

Seneca Sports Association NFL Flag

June 27

Pony A Division

Redskins 42

Packers 28

HIGHLIGHTS: Ryan Shapiro scored four touchdowns and Kevin Dickman had three two-point conversions as the Redskins (9-0) won the division title.

Zach Westbrooks scored two touchdowns and Blair Shields had a key interception on defense. Bret Davis, Da-von Doye, Michael Lansing and Ryan Seals also played well.

Pony B Division

Panthers 32

Falcons 16

HIGHLIGHTS: Nicholas Brock scored three touchdowns and Cara Heasley and Kenneth Traylor played good defense as the Panthers won the division title. Patrick Reinheimer scored two touchdowns and Matthew Reinheimer had an extra-point conversion.

The Falcons were led by running back Stephanie Clark.