Ever wonder about what's being built -- or what a developer proposes to build -- on the vacant land around the corner? This feature is intended to provide an easy way for you to learn about planned development throughout Anne Arundel County.

Using information collected by the Anne Arundel Newsletter from the Anne Arundel County Department of Planning and Code Enforcement and other county agencies, the Anne Arundel Weekly provides a monthly update on some planned subdivisions, office buildings, shopping centers and other development. The map and chart identify projects processed by the county in the month of May.

The status of the projects is described in three categories:

Projects Proposed

Site and subdivision plans at the preliminary, sketch or final phases of approval for residential, commercial or industrial projects submitted to the Department of Planning and Code Enforcement.

Projects Approved

Site and subdivision plans for residential, commercial or industrial projects approved by the Department of Planning and Code Enforcement.

Building Permit

Building permits allow a property owner to begin clearing or grading land for construction.

Projects Proposed:

1. Piney Orchard/Chestnut Point Final phase of the approval process for a subdivision plan to build an 84-unit apartment/condominium development on 5.56 acres.

2. Peachtree West Crown Investment Corp. A revised subdivision plan to construct 24 single-family homes on 13.36 acres.

3. Woodhaven Winchester Homes Inc. Final phase of approval for a plan to subdivide 186.95 acres for 28 single-family homes.

4. Windsor Estates Riva Properties Inc. Final phase in approval process for plan to subdivide 59.72 acres for 14 single-family homes.

5. Weidmeyer Property Sketch phase of a resubmitted plan to subdivide 10.25 acres for 10 single-family homes.

6. Crofton Colony Final phase of a resubmitted plan for 62 single-family dwellings on 43.21 acres.

7. Cool Stream A preliminary plan completed for 42 single-family homes on 23.28 acres.

Projects Approved:

8. Seven Oaks Weis Markets Inc. received final phase approval to subdivide 20.24 acres for a grocery store.

Building Permits Issued:

The dollar figure represents the cost of construction as listed on the applications.

9. National Business Park 132 National Business Park, Annapolis Junction. $6,682,700. A permit for construction of a four-story office building.

10. Storage USA 1280 Cronson Blvd., Gambrills. $1,365,808. Permit for construction of self-storage facility.

11. The Village at Waugh Chapel Route 301 at Waugh Chapel Road, Gambrills. $1,029,810. A permit for rough grading a commercial site for a shopping center.

12. International Trade Center 509 McCormick Dr., Glen Burnie. $1,079,646. A permit for construction of industrial office space.

13. Arundel Mills Clark Road, Hanover. $4,005,104. A permit for mass grading and storm water management for proposed outlet shopping mall.

14. Russett Center E. Russett Green, Laurel. $418,177. A permit for construction of three multifamily dwellings.

15. Arundel Crossing East 1760 Crossroads Dr., Odenton. $837,718. A permit for grading, utility, paving and building construction for $3,684,909 one-story warehouse.

16. Peninsula Medical Arts Center 3708 Mountain Rd., Pasadena. $97,750 for permit to raze and remove existing structures and $399,499 for construction of medical arts center.

17. Severn School 201 Water St., Severna Park. $126,376. A permit for site grading, paving and storm drainage for expansion.