Less than four months before the general election, Chairman Kathleen K. Seefeldt (D) is emerging as a money-raising powerhouse, having solicited more than any other person running for office in Prince William County during June and bolstering her incumbency against Republican challenger Sean Connaughton, according to campaign finance records filed Thursday.

Seefeldt, who raised $23,000 in cash contributions from May 27 to June 30, bested even state senatorial stronghold Charles J. Colgan (D-District 29), who at $16,000 amassed the second-highest amount in cash contributions.

Like many incumbents, Seefeldt maintains a distinct financial advantage over her challenger for chairman of the Board of County Supervisors, having begun her first campaign lap with more than $75,000 on Dec. 31, according to previous records. She has doubled that amount since the beginning of the year, much of it coming from development interests in recent months.

One exception to the rule of the incumbents' advantage is Democrat Virginia Stephens, who in the last reporting period pulled ahead of Del. Michele B. McQuigg (R-District 51). The challenger came out with more than $20,000 to McQuigg's $12,000.

As the race heats up, some are spending furiously to maintain an edge. Supervisor Edgar S. Wilbourn III (R-Gainesville) recently survived his greatest threat: two slow-growth Republican rivals in the June 8 primary. He raised more than $2,000 in cash contributions in this reporting period and spent more than $28,000, much of it in marketing and advertising, according to records. He has about $3,200 left. His Democratic challenger, Gary Friedman, raised only $5 in cash.

Likewise, Republican Robert S. FitzSimmonds, who is pursuing Colgan's seat, raised almost $3,000 during the recent reporting period. He spent nearly $10,000, mostly in mailings and radio advertising.

Seefeldt devoted $11,000, largely to consulting services and to paying her campaign manager, Jim Ross.

Meanwhile, the wallets of two independent challengers to Sheriff E. Lee Stoffregen III are dwarfed by his $170,000 war chest. Todd L. McEwen raised only $50 this period, in a loan from himself, while A.D. "Tony" Dominguez raised $100. Both announced their bids only last month.

Other campaign coffers grew very little or not at all. Supervisor Maureen S. Caddigan (R-Dumfries), who is unopposed, spent more than $300 but solicited nothing during this reporting period.

Where the Money Is

Total campaign contributions, as of Thursday

House 13th District

* Robert G. Marshall (R) $44,949.13

Denise Oppenhagen (D) $10,057.54

House 51st District

* Michele B. McQuigg (R) $12,331.17

Virginia Stephens (D) $20,237.09

Senate 29th District

* Charles J. Colgan (D) $50,167.49

Robert FitzSimmonds III (R) $1,695.22

Clerk of Court

* Dave Mabie (R) $6,399.88

Joyce M. Sowards (D) $1,999.69

Commonwealth's Attorney

Paul B. Ebert (D) $5,463.49


* E. Lee Stoffregen III (D) $170,033.94

Todd L. McEwen (I) $50

A. D. "Tony" Dominguez (I) $100

Chairman of Board of County Supervisors

* Kathleen K. Seefeldt (D) $81,770.41

Sean Connaughton (R) $33,956.66

Robert K. McBride (I) $436.55

Supervisors, Gainesville District

* Edgar S. Wilbourn III (R) $3,205.14

Gary Friedman (D) $1,280.44

Woodbridge District

* Hilda M. Barg (D) $27,425.53

Lester Gabriel (R) $77.39

Unopposed Supervisors

* Maureen S. Caddigan (R-Dumfries) $15,157.73

* Ruth T. Griggs (R-Occoquan) $138.01

* John D. Jenkins (D-Neabsco) $9,017.29

* Loring B. "Ben" Thompson (R-Brentsville) $4,436.98

* Incumbent