The following were among home sales recorded recently by the clerk of the Howard County Circuit Court and supplied to The Washington Post by the real estate information service First American Real Estate Solutions.


BRIGHTON DAM RD., 13570-Richard D. and Nellie C. Levine to Michael Leibovici, $270,000.

ETERNAL OCEAN PL., 6109-Pheasant Ridge Partnership to Mark A. and Linda S. Kahler, $365,250.

PRESTWICK DR., 6436-Cornerstone Homes to Alan Adamson, $334,350.


APRIL JOURNEY, 5623-Paulina Arrieta to William R. and Marilyn J. Terreau, $154,000.

BLACK STAR CIR., 8533-Donald W. and Kimberly M. Dawson to Steven E. and Christine Lang, $135,000.

DAYSTAR CT., 10298-Debra L. Jones to Hazel Jemmott, $79,900.

DEWEY DR., 6308-Betty-Rogers Wanat to John Welsh, $140,000.

EARLY RED CT., 6307-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Carol Eltz, $119,990.

FEW STAR CT., 6410-Kerrin L. Curtin to Todd and Elizabeth Bacon, $379,000.

GOOD LION RD., 9519-Edward G. and Patricia L. Finlayson to Richard Levine, $177,500.

GRANITE HILL, 9415-Lonnie J. and Helene M. Saylor to Donald Wedding, $112,900.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10629-Affordable Housing Alliance Inc. to William Ross, $208,500.

GREEN VIEW WAY, 10833-Richard B. and Ximena R. Sloan to William O. and Karen R. Seiferth, $229,900.

HALFCROWN CT., 6786-John J. and Elizabeth M. Di Maggio to Louis P. and Janet A. Roylo, $145,000.

HIDDEN CLEARING, 6290-Kenneth and Patricia Rimorin to Thomas C. and Andrea J. Kline, $219,900.

KINDLER RD., 7205-Scott A. and Susan I. Davis to Joleen McKeehen, $195,000.

LAPWING CT., 9271-Balajani Gopinath to Kevin Butler, $124,500.

NATURES RD., 7141-Martin Snowden Ridge Corp. to Willie Johnson, $138,310.

NATURES RD., 7143-Martin Snowden Ridge Corp. to Petur Agustsson, $153,600.

NEW COUNTRY LANE, 11919-Soren Harbom to Allen J. and Jeanne S. Boone, $138,900.

NEW LEAF CT., 6140-Michael A. and Jane A. Simsock to Robert A. and Charlene M. Lovett, $192,500.

OLD BUGGY CT., 5723-Timothy J. and Suzanne Bahr to Charles J. and Carole L. Sraver, $164,900.

OWEN BROWN RD., 9784-Bruce D. Burton to Michael S. and Patricia M. Zelaski, $154,900.

PLAITED REED, 6240-Jeffrey and Alice L. Warren to James H. and Suzie P. Chang, $179,000.

PROCOPIO CIR., 7251-John S. and Virginia L. Sniezek to Michael Burhoe, $99,000.

RAINLEAF CT., 9819-Brian A. and Jennifer L. Burk to Todd Myrick, $152,500.

RING DOVE LANE, 5430-John A. and Joan V. Wolter to Erica Mendez, $118,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR., 8365-Craig R. Leonescu to Cathryn Derr, $119,000.

SNOWFLAKE CT., 11248-Oscar A. Jr. and Elizabeth C. Comulada to Gaynell Simpson, $75,000.

STONEGATE LANE, 11742-Michael A. and Jacqueline E. Hatcher to Steven Montgomery, $130,900.

SUNNY SPRING, 6267-John F. and Priscilla G. Mulliken to Thomas R. and Gui Q. Jones, $175,000.

TAMAR DR., 8394-Ramona Arora to Raymond Quellette, $112,500.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5151-Donald L. and Jacqueline G. Kallstrom to Leonard Ralston, $155,000.

TOLLING CLOCK WAY, 10503-Charles E. Jr. and Desiree K. Giles to Wilson Marin, $120,000.

TREE SWALLOW CT., 6047-Kevin D. and Sherilyn G. Jones to Graham Hubbard, $122,900.

WATCHWOOD PATH, 5104-Robert and Janis L. Danna to David W. and Judith M. Clayton, $377,500.

WHITE MANE, 5413-Carrie A. Joe to Frederick Cook, $113,000.

WIND RIDER WAY, 6388-Brookside/Columbia Partnership to Evangelino and Katia A. Nascimento, $155,770.

WINDHARP WAY, 6370-James M. and Linda D. Maciver to Michael P. and Jennifer L. Bove, $179,000.


SYCAMORE SPRING CT., 1949-Cooksville Partnership to Richard E. and Helen S. Judd, $326,240.


BEE CT., 6008-Patriot Homes to Patrick Jackson, $275,660.

DOWNS RIDGE CT., 6130-NVR Inc. to Timothy J. and Betty J. McAdams, $201,900.

DOWNS RIDGE CT., 6149-NVR Inc. to John F. and Patricia L. Fry, $224,100.

GOSHEN HUNT RD., 6752-Dorsey Family Homes to Mark Duda, $259,990.

GRASSY GARTH, 7826-William J. and Andrea C. Lavalle to Bryan Conley, $146,900.

MARIOAK DR., 7865-Barry P. and Shelley K. Lewis to Daniel P. and Julianna Casey, $126,500.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6351-Patriot Homes to John Lample, $187,900.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6355-Patriot Homes to Theophilus Brainerd, $274,930.

SOMERVILLE LANE, 8044-Cornerstone Holdings to Curtis B. and Janice J. Simmons, $274,950.

SUNRISE LANE, 8108-James T. and Victoria S. O'Flaherty to Paul H. and Cheryl A. Duffy, $159,000.

WATERMILL CT., 8000-Marcus C. Sandoval to Leijuona Bolden, $114,500.


BLANDFORD WAY, 10202-Ana M. Soler to Charles P. and Elizabeth E. Ohanlon, $254,900.

BRAMPTON PKWY., 4964-Jan M. Edwards to Miles G. and Kathleen G. Booth, $249,850.

BRENTWOOD LANE, 4607-Thomas B. and Patricia N. King to Daniel F. and Claudia T. Sterne, $355,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7963-Frederic W. III and Amy C. Schroeder to Colleen Coyle, $156,900.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7956-Rodney Zechman to Scott Scicchitano, $139,500.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7963-Carlos A. Trujillo to Sherman R. and Michelle R. Smith, $133,000.

BRISTOL CHANNEL., 10268-Thomas H. and Janet E. Carbary to Jon T. and Kirsten E. Merryman, $251,900.

BRITTEN LANE, 5117-NVR Inc. to Nduna F. and Maud Dzimiri, $308,640.

BROOKMEDE RD., 3209-Ileda G. Eckhardt to Thomas Maxwell, $195,000.

BURLINGTON LANE, 10209-Mangione Enterprises/Turf Valley to Noureddin and Fatemeh V. Nourmohammadi, $650,000.

CABERY RD., 10208-Terrence J. and Dorothy B. Rogers to Dawson Robertson, $213,000.

CHATFIELD LANE, 7712-Hwa Kuo-Yuan to Floyd Lyles, $145,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 4727-Jeffrey A. and Susan A. Bucaro to Tina Dorn, $151,000.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4720 #610-Augustine J. and Carmine M. Valente to Sheri Greisz, $76,000.

FINCH CT., 9708-Gene N. and Christine M. Viviano to David C. and Lori M. Pieniazek, $310,000.

FLAGSTONE CT., 7837-Walter L. and Patricia L. Hoffman to Frederic and Amy Schroeder, $257,000.

GROSVENOR DR., 3646-Richard E. and Carol J. Drumm to Weizheng Xu, $279,900.

KINGS ARM TAVERN CT., 10221-Timothy M. and Virginia H. Dunn to Kevin M. and Christine M. Oshea, $226,000.

KNOLL CIR., 2943-Dennis L. and Hazel L. Heffner to Henrietta Moritz, $249,900.

LIGON RD., 3610-Robert E. Vaughan to Kin Siew, $173,500.

OAK LEA CT., 9954-Mark J. and Denise R. Smith to William F. and Mary A. Chittenden, $190,650.

OLD MAPLE CT., 2309-Leonard Cornish to Michael S. and Gina R. Barr, $343,000.

PAPILLON DR., 8842-NRV Inc. to Stephen Arata, $195,790.

PAPILLON DR., 8844-NVR Inc. to Derek L. and Lynette K. Johnson, $162,330.

PAPILLON DR., 8848-NVR Inc. to Jeffrey Wiegand, $157,840.

PAPILLON DR., 8850-NVR Inc. to Timothy Corrigan, $188,260.

PAPILLON DR., 8851-NVR Inc. to Colleen Geldmacher, $150,190.

PAPILLON DR., 8854-NVR Inc. to Michael and Susmi R. Schott, $164,750.

POLAND SPRINGS DR., 2963-Peter G. and Lori Lyon to Colleen Jones, $347,000.

QUAKER MILL CT., 3616-Gary L. and Josephine R. Cianfichi to James J. and Monica Barry, $201,000.

STEEPLECHASE CT., 11004-Carroll Land Family Corp. to Mohammed Iqbal, $445,190.

STONEHOUSE DR., 8788-Ryland Homes/Hollifield Station to Lydia Robinson, $185,590.

THORNBROOK RD., 2624-Gregory W. and Diane G. Zwitch to Clayton M. and Karen E. Fisher, $239,000.

UNION MILLS CT., 8512-Ryland Homes/Hollifield Station to Richard B. and Maria C. Stark, $299,920.

WOOD STREAM CT., 2426-Phyllis A. Pierce to Carl A. and Margaret R. Breerwood, $300,000.


HOBBS HILL RD., 4053-David B. and Margaret O. Barrett to Thomas Richie, $300,000.


BURNTWOODS RD., 14266-Lorin J. and Barbara A. Veltre to Marcy Hackett, $345,000.


ALADDIN DR., 8016-Deborah Cormier to Charles Pfeiffer, $225,000.

CHATON RD., 9532-SDC Group Inc. to Claude T. and Kim C. Ross, $197,240.

GLEN RIDGE DR., 9537-Gary Kuykendall to David J. and Karen M. Dekker, $198,500.

KATIE LANE, 9330-NVR Inc. to Nicholas Avgerinos, $133,990.

TWIN CEDAR CT., 15012-Dale J. and Mary E. Axenfeld to Kenneth Buck, $288,000.

WATER FALL DR., 8619-NVR Inc. to Michael E. and Jacqueline A. Oshaughnessy, $281,000.

WATERFALL DR., 8631-NVR Inc. to Julian W. and Jane A. Woo, $260,790.


HARDY RD., 17254-Vance W. Merson to Christopher J. and Teresa J. Albrecht, $265,000.


WEATHER WORN WAY, 7607-C-Rebecca L. Hann to Ivor and Marjorie I. Jurd, $58,000.


COOPERS LANE, 14001-John T. Jr. and Donna I. Behe to Jeffrey A. and Shahnaz T. Read, $243,000.

FOX VALLEY DR., 3306-Donald R. Reuwer Jr. to Joseph M. and Pamela S. Davila, $395,000.

RIVER VALLEY CHASE LANE, 5124-Greenfield Homes to Kiran K. and Dharani Jasthi, $539,200.


FOLKESTONE WAY, 10786-SHC-Waverly Woods Corp. to Faye McNierney, $257,010.

SUSSEX WAY, 2232-NVR Inc. to Mehmet A. and Lucia Duran, $174,010.

WOODSTOCK RD., 1646-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Warren H. and Frances H. Berkle, $327,890.